A recent patient at the Grove Square Clinic has named your victim as a recent sexual partner. Would they like to come in for some tests?
Play the STD Clinic Prank!
Call 0906 344 0574!
Choose “Straight to Windup”!
Enter the number 10!
Enter victim’s telephone number!
Wait for your victim to answer!
Press '#' to activate prank call!
Pranks are voice-activated so your victim will believe they are talking to a real person! Secretly listen in to their reaction as they interact with this whacky recording! All calls automatically
terminate when either you or your victim hang up!
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Obtain permission from bill payer before calling, only available to over 16s in the UK. Calls charged at £1.50 per min at all times, may involve a long call, call charges from other than a BT landline may vary.
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